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Kid Painting


We are a ministry partnered with Redemption Church in Ogden, Utah. Our mission is to see a generation of believers rise up in Utah and share Jesus with the world. We believe that by meeting the needs of families and children, we open up a door to have Gospel conversations with those that do not know Jesus.

Serving the Future of Utah

Community Outreach

Kids in Church
Kids Running

Bibles for Students

We have so many kids that have never had their own Bible. We have a goal to get every child a Bible that needs and wants one. Partner with us and purchase a Bible for a student in Northern Utah. Leave an encouraging message or a prayer in the Bible for each Bible you purchase!

Summer Camp 2023

SUMMER CAMP IS BACK and registration is now open. We are excited for the fun things we have planned as well as some much needed upgrades to our facilities to make a more enjoyable Summer. If you have questions, please reach out to



1/2 Day Kindergarten

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